hotel el molino



Simple room : 180bs________

Double room : 350bs________

Triple room :  500bs________

Family room : 650bs________

Children under 4 years of age stay free

Private Package:

We offer private tours that are 2 3 or 4 days in duration  from Cochabamba to Torotoro.

These packages include the following service:

-Private transportation from Cochabamba to Torotoro and back plus transportation inside the park

-Room in Hotel El Molino with private bathroom

-Breakfast Lunch and Dinner for the duration of the stay

-All days in the park, visit attractions with local guide

-Ticket entrance into the national park

-Rental of helmet and head torch for cave

Total Price:

2 day Package

1 person group- 1900bs_______

2 person group- 2800bs_______

3 person group- 3500bs________

​4   person   group- 3800bs_______

3 day Package

1 person group- 2500bs_______

2 person group- 3600bs_______

3 person group- 4500bs_______

person group- 5000bs_______

4 day Package

1 person group- 3500bs_______

2 person group- 4500bs_______

3 person group- 5400bs_______

4   person group- 6000bs_______


Public/Private Package:

For a more economical package we are offering a package with both public and private transportation. Here are the details:


-public transportation cbba-torotoro-cbba

-private transportation inside the park to the hotel and the attractions

-room in hotel el Molino

-guided tours the days in the park

-all meals during stay in torotoro

-entrance into the park

-equipment for the cave


Total Price:

4 Day Package

​1 Person: 2400 bs______________

2 People: 3100 bs_________________

3 People: 3800 bs_________________

4 People: 4600 bs_________________


3 Day Package

1 Person: 1750bs________________

2 People: 2300bs________________

3 People: 2900bs________________

4 People: 3300bs________________


2 Day Package

1 Person: 1050bs_______________

2 People:1500bs_________________


3 People: 1900bs________________

4 People: 2400bs_______________